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On the Wind Sailing

'On the Wind,’ is THE podcast about offshore sailing, where professional sailor & journalist Andy Schell interviews sailors from around the world to discover what inspires them in an effort to inspire you! Andy has interviewed everyone from legends like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, to tech gurus like Nigel Calder, boat builders like Magnus Rassy (of Hallberg Rassy), inspirational family sailors like Totem, YouTube stars SV Delos & Andy's personal favorite, Arctic sailor and octogenarian Bob Shepton. Thanks for listening & hold fast!

Oct 27, 2020

David Lewis is one of our favorite sailor/authors at 59º North, and not so well-known in the USA. Ben Lowings, his biographer and author of the new book THE DOLPHIN about Lewis' life, comes on the show to talk about him and share some stories.

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Oct 20, 2020

ISBJORN skipper August Sandberg accidentally bumped in to his old friend Oyvin Nilssen, skipper of DUEN III, in Lofoten earlier this summer. After a night of partying in the on-deck hot tub and swimming in the Arctic waters, August & Oyvind traded stories in the saloon of DUEN III.


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Oct 13, 2020

Who better than to discuss heavy weather with than Southern Ocean veteran Susie Goodall, and Spitzbergen explorer August Sandberg! Today's show is adapted from the LIVE video session we held on the topic at the height of the pandemic. We define heavy weather, talk about our favorite tactics and of course tell...

Oct 6, 2020

If you've ever spotted a beautiful Pearson 36, crewed by an even more beautiful couple, sailing off their anchor, there's a good chance you'll be in the background of a new video from Sailing UMA. Dan & Kika stopped in Bergen on their way to the Arctic and invited August Sandberg onboard for a chat.